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wana joine your guild

Name: Kornacinvrac

Class: Hunter

Race: Dwarf

Level: 70

Q. What is your current PvE spec and why do you think this will add to our raiding? Also you should be able to respec if your classleader wants you to do it.

A. Marksmanship and will respec if needed.making nice dmg

Q. How long have you played MMO's? Which ones have you played and for approximately how long?


Q. What is your availability times for raiding? (We raid from 19:30/20:00 to 23:00 daily)

A. i can raid every day

Q. How much time each week do you see yourself playing?

A. 4-5 hours daily every day

Q. Please post a brief summary of the gear you are wearing and your current FR/NR/FsR/SH/Arc etc. You must also give a profile link i.e. Ctprofiles or Armory.


Q. Have you ever traded/sold/exchanged an account?

A. nope

Q: What kind of Raiding experience do you have? Have you ever been to Naxx? Karazhan and beyond? Please list them and your experience in them.

A. yes been in naxx and karazan and in tk and ssc in MH only been on 2 bosses

Q: Your previous guild(s) on Eonar / Xrealm latest guild?

A. nex templum, faithful,celtic leaf army

Q. What professions do you have? What are their levels, note high level ones only, if any.

A. Leatherworking 375 and herbalism 375

Q. What type of player are you? Grouper or Solo'er? Regardless of your typical playtime, do you see yourself occasionally having time for instance runs? (1-3 hrs is a typical instance time)

A. grouper will go in heroics with guild

Q. Which instances are you attuned to? (this gives us an idea of your depth of play)

A. all

Q. Are you prepared to have a HUGE repair cost a raiding night and also bring the necessary potions, flask, or any kind of preperation?

A. yes

Q. Are you a 'Chatty' type?

A. yes

Q. Will you use the website and forums regularly?

A. yes

Q. How would you describe yourself? (likeable, funny, drama queen, easy to get along with etc.)

A. i am funny person easy to get along with other ppl

Q. How old are you in Real Life, nationality and your gender?

A. 19, serbian, male

Q. What is your i-net connection (speed, stable or die a lot etc)?

A. ADSL 512

Q. Teamspeak is a requirement, are you able to listen to orders given on Teamspeak?

A. yes

Q. What add-ons do you use?

A. gatherer,DBM,omen,questhelper

Q. Why did you pick your current class and would you take the same class again?

A. i like to have friend(pet)along with me probably

Q. What are the weak points of your class and why?

A. melee can beat warrior and rogue on melee:D

Q. What are the strong points of your class and why?

A. range dps good at it

Q. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, how well do you rate your ability to play your class?

A. 9

Q. Are you applying to other guilds at the moment?

A. no

Q. Is there anything you want to add to help in your application process?

A. no tnx for time

uhm... the guild has been disbanded for quite some time now...

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